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New Dolphin Kenny Stills says he won't try to restore Mike Wallace If you reach this point, A person have to really value what we produce and read us a lot. An advanced subscriber, Simply log in for indefinite access. An advanced nonsubscriber, You are limited in how many stories read every 30 days. For a very few minutes, We offer a $3.95 a month digital reoccuring for unlimited digital access. If you reach this point, You have to really value what we produce and read us a lot. An advanced subscriber, Simply log in for almost limitless access. An advanced nonsubscriber, You are limited in how many stories look for every 30 days. For a very limited time, We offer to you a $3.95 a month digital registration for unlimited digital access. The Mike Wallace tests was a bust for the Miami Dolphins. They paid him higher $20 million over two years, And the return on that investment was an unhappy receiver who clashed with coaches and struggled to click with his qb during two 8 8 seasons. So maybe it shouldn't shock you newcomer Kenny Stills dislikes being described as Wallace's replacement. "I do not think I was brought in to replace anybody, Stills said after coming to the Dolphins complex on Saturday. "Mike's one of the best player, And I've looked up to dysfunctions that he has done. I'm just here to help the team win the slightest bit that I can, With few trades Friday, The Dolphins acquired Stills about Saints and sent Wallace to the Vikings. Stills is only 22 and wasn't even part of New Orleans' getting started with unit for most of last season, But he, however made 63 receptions for 931 yards and three touchdowns. "A proficient, New, Sports, Short, Unfailing receiver, Miami gm Dennis Hickey said. With this, Stills didn't differ. "I would describe myself as an entire receiver, Hmo's Oklahoma standout said, Former adding darren sproles jersey, "I'm youngster, And I'm still concentrating on my game, By swapping devices, The Dolphins created essential cap space. Wallace is because make $9.9 million this valuable year, While Stills will become $585,000. Stills said he was surprised to be traded but embraced the modification, In part while he likes the Dolphins' direction after a busy first week of free agency. "It's a really very cool time here, Getting Jordan Cameron, Ndamukong Suh and on my own, He was quoted saying. "Exactly what has been going on around here, It's really exciting for just anyone. You can tell that they're expecting winning a lot of games and trying to bring a championship here, Stills said his passage will be easier because he already knows several Miami players. He roomed with running back Damien Williams at okla, And is friendly with cornerback Jamar Taylor since they are both from San Diego. He remembers qb Ryan Tannehill as receiver at Texas A when the Aggies played Stills' Sooners. And he's glad to be teammates with recipient Jarvis Landry, A former Louisiana State player who got to know Stills in New Orleans before you make a big splash as a Dolphins rookie last year. "Jarvis and I actually pretty people, Pictures said. "I'm excited to team up with him and decide to make some plays, Vikings get WR Jennings after Wallace trade: Greg Jennings was cushty enough in Minnesota to want to settle there after retirement. Mike Wallace was initially disinterested in playing for the Vikings the foremost problems cold climate. After few sudden roster moves, Spicing up an opening week of the NFL's contracts period that started quietly for the Vikings, Jennings is gone and Wallace has put in him. The Vikings released Jennings on tuesday, Roughly 18 hours after their trade for Wallace was selected. Jennings can have counted $11 million against their salary cap this year, So after two unremarkable years with the team he was the particular veteran around the league with a big contract to be let go with less than half of the contract length fulfilled. Wallace likely would've found himself in that situation with Miami eagles jerseys cheap, Had the Dolphins not dealt him and a seventh round draft pick for a fifth round mixture from the Vikings. He ordered a $9.9 million pay cap hit for 2015, After playing the last two seasons for the Dolphins on a five year contract worth as much as $60 million with $30 million assured. Nevertheless, The Vikings could cut him in 2016 absolutely no cap hit or future financial obligation. Wallace, In a business call with reporters, Said his deal hasn't been redone. His outlook on coming to Minnesota has changed after two discouraging seasons with the Dolphins. The Vikings pursued him in 2013 prior to you signing Jennings when Wallace went with Miami, And Wallace said on Saturday that his decision was based largely on the next wind storm. "Palms versus trees with no leaves, You're certain, Wallace asserted. "And that ended up being. This is now. I'm psyched to be here, He said this on a sunny afternoon with the warm near 60 degrees in Minneapolis, The type of spring conditions that are often an issue in Minnesota. "I kind of feel like everybody is trying to trick me and get me to think the elements is nice, Wallace supposed. "One of my people, Jamarca Sanford, Performed here. So he told me about the next wind storm. He told me the weather's not a great, But the employees are great, The Vikings have one more season outdoors at their temporary home at the University of Minnesota before getting into their new fully covered stadium downtown. "Mike's not really outside alone. So as long as I look at someone and they freezing their tail off, I think i'm going to be fine, Wallace claimed. Wallace was benched by Dolphins coach Joe Philbin in the other half of their final game last season after an argument between the 28 year old and the coaching staff. Wallace led the whales with 10 touchdowns in 2014, But he rarely clicked with qb Ryan Tannehill on long passes and was unhappy he wasn't targeted more.