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Boy who hanged very little feared mom Young Staten Island suicide victim Danny Fitzpatrick been inflicted by angry outbursts and failing grades at school but also from a difficult home life that included his mother's heavy drinking, To be able to a report by city child welfare officials. "Danny said mom being drunk affects him in each phase and makes him angry, The survey said, Depending on the Washington Post. In selection job interview and searing YouTube videos, His parents have blamed the death on relentless bullying and heedless facilitators at his Brooklyn school, Holy Angels Catholic academia. But the current operations for Children's Services report offers another piece to a suicide that remains a disturbing puzzle. "Student can't remember a period when mom was not drunk often, The file said. It continuous: "Danny denies physical abuse by parent, But claims Kristen, His older daughter, Hides him from the attic or his room when mom is drunk. "He says his dad and Kristen care for him. Danny denies thoughts of suicide but feels angry, Depressing, Has thoughts of wanting to hightail it. Callier "Mother is blaming his teachers for his failures and has written several accusatory letters to varsity. Student is fearful of both parents' anger, The study said. Parents and kids, At the same time, Confirmed that Danny was a boy with a horrible home life. "I knew he was complications, Said one mom or dad, A retired NYPD investigation company. "I was shopping to be a friend, The ex cop's daughter also tried to contact Danny but instead was threatened during angry outbursts, The dad documented. "He was angry because he lost a volley ball game, The dad talked about. "He informed her, 'I should punch you since we lost.--" "There was drinking and abuse in your own home, The the marketplace and old cop added. "They are extending that abuse to other parents' children in this manner online, He explained, In mention of the the parents posting a letter Danny wrote naming his tormenters miami dolphins jerseys cheap. Finally, ACS purchased"No credible the indications" To think Danny had been abused or mistreated, In a letter Rynecki showed The Post kenny stills jersey.