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jackky Aug 8

For much the same reason that he's published weekly statistical reports on the Arizona Fall League in the last month (similar to this latest one from Wednesday), the author is publishing here a combined statistical report for the various Caribbean winter leagues again, not nece sarily because such reports have great utility for evaluating players, speculate they provide a method out of which to take part in those leagues which doesnt also require a substantial purchase of transport and lodging.

In this case, what the author has done would be to identify the regre sed hitting and pitching leaders in the Dominican Winter, Salomon Speedcross 4 Women Mexican Pacific, Puerto Rican, and Venezuelan Winter Leagues separately*. What hes then done is to combine the hitting and pitching leaders of those leagues into a pair of top-10 lists, which one can find below. Note: any age are as of July 1, 2013; all organizations, as of the end of regular-season play. Last weeks set of the Caribbean leagues can be obtained here.

*The Puerto Rican League having just commenced play earlier this week.


SCOUT Leaderboard: Caribbean Leagues HittingBelow may be the current SCOUT batting leaderboard for the Caribbean League hitters, combined. SCOUT+ combines Salomon Speedcross 3 CS Men regre sed home-run, walk, and strikeout rates inside a FIP-like equation to make a result not unlike wRC+, where 100 is league average and above 100 is excellent. Observe that xHR%, xBB%, and xK% stand for expected homer, walk, and strikeout rate, respectively.PlayerLg13 OrgAgePosPA*HRBBKxHR%xBB%xK%SCOUT+Yamaico NavarroDOMOrioles25LF6741063.3%12.3%9.0%152Barbaro CanizaresMEXMexico331B9551063.9%10.2%6.3%149Joc PedersonVENDodgers21OF100530293.8%26.7%29.0%147Leslie AndersonVENRays311B8641263.4%12.9%7.0%145Jesus AguilarVENIndians231B104810165.5%9.7%15.4%144Brian BurgamyMEXMexico323B99520213.8%18.2%21.2%143Zelous WheelerMEXOrioles263B93616204.5%15.3%21. Salomon Speedcross 3 CS Women 5%142Luis RodriguezVENAngels332B753823.0%10.5%2.7%141Felix PerezVENReds28RF100611124.4%10.9%12.0%141Je se GutierrezMEXMexico351B88512134.0%12.4%14.8%140

SCOUT Leaderboard: Caribbean Leagues PitchingBelow is the current SCOUT pitching leaderboard all of the Caribbean Leagues, combined. SCOUT- combines regre sed strikeout and walk rates in a kwERA-like equation to make a number similar to ERA-, where 100 is league average and below 100 is preferable to average. Observe that xK% and xBB% stand for salomon Speedcross 3 Men expected strikeout and walk rate, respectively.PlayerLg13 OrgAgeGGSIPTBF*KBBxK%xBB%SCOUT-Ryan BuchterMEXBraves26807.22817335.0%9.0%45Juan DelgadilloMEXMexico304423.09024226.7%5.2%60Marcus HatleyMEXCubs251009.14015229.0%7.7%61Jay JacksonMEXMarlins2510012.24815227.1%7.4%66Chris SmithVENIndy326521.18925628.0%8.2%68Spencer PattonMEXRoyals25809.23513327.5%8.6%69Juan OramasMEXPadres234420.08122727.2%8.6%70Edwin SalasMEXMexico2114016.15816325.8%7.4%70Paolo EspinoVENIndians265518.28723526.6%7.8%70Amalio DiazVENMexico2610012.04816428.2%9.4%71

*Denotes approximately figure.

Notes , Baseball America published its annual listing of the 550 minor-league players to have been granted free agency. Listed here are players to look both with that list and also among the two leaderboards above Yamaico Navarro, Zelous Wheeler, Luis Rodriguez, Jay Jackson, and Paolo Espino.

An email regarding Navarro: while listed here like a left fielder (and having actually played quite a lot salomon Speedcross 3 Women of it with Licey within the Dominican, it appears), the former Oriole has made the majority of his minor- and major-league defensive appearances at either shortstop or third.

Not included around the batting leaderboard published here, but still quite productive, are very promising Texas shortstop Jurickson Profar (133 SCOUT+) as well as promising Pittsburgh outfielder Gregory Polanco (129 SCOUT+), who just completed their age-20 and -21 seasons, respectively. Younger than either of them and also le s celebrated, is Minnesota infield prospect Jorge Polanco, who turned 20 in July. Polancos recorded a 126 salomon Speedcross 4 SCOUT+, having hit a home run while posting a 8:6 walk-to-strikeout rate in 68 plate appearances. The 3 from the aforementioned are presently rostered on Dominican League teams.

You will note that left-handed Atlanta prospect Ryan Buchter has been excellent thus far in the Mexican Pacific League. In fact, the strikeout figures arent unusual for Buchter: he have struck out 103 of the 274 batters (37.6%) he confronted with Triple-A Gwinnett this season. That he also walked 51 of these opponents (18.6%) is extremely likely the main reason salomon Kids Running Shoes he hasnt made a major-league appearance as of yet. Since the last edition from the Caribbean leagues report, Buchter has posted this line: 2.0 IP, 5 K, 2 BB.