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maddenvip Aug 7

 At the same time, the  Madden Mobile Coins British media, "Mirror" latest news disclosure, Manchester United has not been quoted on the Mata, local time on January 19 evening, the Premiership defending champion's statement confirmed this point. Of course, Manchester United in the midfield position on the goal is not only Mata, the British media "fast sports" disclosure, coach Moyes also intends to re-offer Fabregas.


Last summer, Manchester United and Fabregas played a soap opera, Moyes has three times offer failed to  Cheap Madden NFL 18 Coins win the former Arsenal captain, the last offer reached 35 million pounds. Fleet Street disclosure, Manchester United if the winter window again chase Fabregas, then the offer will be more than 35 million pounds, will develop a new offer to Barcelona release.


British media "fast sports" pointed out that Cesc Fabregas and coach Martino's contradiction has been open, in Barcelona away 1-1 draw Levante match, Fabregas was replaced by Martino Anger, which was seen as the fleet of the former Arsenal captain left the breakout of the Nou Camp. This season, Fabregas performed well, in the Spanish league harvest 10 assists, the current leader assists list, and there are seven goals in the Spanish league.


 In addition to maddenvip Fabregas, Manchester United also eyeing the Danny - Alves, from the Spanish media "Marca" news that Barcelona coach Martino and the club has a transfer plan to start a meeting, Alvi Sri Lanka may have been on the list of Nou Camp cleaning. Need to point out that the Alves winter window is unlikely to leave the team, so Manchester United coach Moyes would like to dig Brazil right back again and so wait.