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maddenvip Aug 7

 Leave the team, the NBA 2K18 MT British media "Mirror" news that the future of Evra may change, some time ago sent the French left back in the summer as a free agent to join the former owner of Monaco, now Serie A champion Juventus He was interested, they want to sign in the Brazilian World Cup after the freedom of Evra. Manchester United 37 million pounds signed Mata,


Wayne Rooney will work with Manchester United to NBA Live Coins complete the renewal of work, today's "Daily Telegraph" confirmed the news, it is learned that in the near future, Rooney will renew a new contract with the Red Devils, the contract period For 5 years, weekly salary rose from £ 250,000 to £ 300,000, he is expected to stay old Trafford to 2018 years.


 Rooney's current contract expires in the summer of 2015, there are 17 months ago, before Rooney has refused to complete the contract with Manchester United, before rumors that Mourinho want to use Mata to exchange Rooney, But the Red Devils has been insisting that Rooney is not for sale. Friday, the British "Daily Mail" exposed the news, Rooney and his agent Paul - Paul - Streitford appeared in Manchester United Carrington training base, his purpose is to line with Manchester United High-level talks Rooney's renewal issue, which means that the chubby renewal work has been opened.


 Just one day later, the British "Daily Telegraph" on the two sides have been close to the buynba2k agreement reached the news, the British media revealed that Rooney has accepted Manchester United out of 5 years, weekly salary of 300,000 pounds contract, which means Chubby will stay old Trafford to 2018 years. Rooney's weekly salary is 25 million pounds, although the Premier League is the highest, but this time Manchester United still decided to give it a raise, which makes Rooney in the old Trafford's first position clearly, and Van Persie's current weekly salary is 20 million pounds,