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maddenvip Aug 7

Old Trafford's management at NBA Live Mobile Coins has now shelved all of the summer tour plans, because they have to wait for the final ranking of the team in order to proceed to the next step, so Moyes body pressure has increased a lot. If Manchester United eventually could not enter the Champions League, they still need Rooney to lead the team's revival in the next season, from Manchester United's internal news, if things really develop, then this summer all Rooney's offer will be the club refused.


Chelsea finally relieved, you can release the Mate to join the Premiership club, we all know, the Buy FIFA Mobile Coins most interested in the Mint of the Premiership club was undoubtedly Manchester United, coach Moyes is unable to find a suitable midfielder and headache, after knowing the news Manchester United want to successfully signed Mata is not easy, in Chelsea agreed to release the occasion of the Spanish midfielder, also informed the Premiership defending champion, the acquisition of Mata to take out 40 million pounds of transfer fee!


 About Mata is worth the price, Fleet Street with data analysis, the Spanish midfielder to create opportunities significantly more than other Manchester United players. This season so far, Mata played 13 times to create 30 break opportunities, Carrick 15 games to create 14 opportunities, Cleveland 16 games to create 7 opportunities, Kagawa Shinji 9 games to create 6 opportunities, Frye 4 games to create 2 chances, Felioni 8 games to create an opportunity, that is,


Mata one person to Mmogo create the opportunity equal to Manchester United five players! Past two seasons, Mata in the Premier League dedication 30 assists, is the league's most assists the number of players, this season Mate 13 times the Premier League assists 2 times, the same assists, Janusu with 16 games , Valencia used 19 games. From the data enough to see, Mata is Manchester United coach Moyes struggling to seek midfielder.