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WinifredGrant Jul 20
Donald Trump wins new york city primary "It's great to win the delegates with the votes, He explained. "Nobody being given delegates, A ticket to victory but not a fair ticket, Should a candidate secure the GOP nomination at the Republican National Convention removed popular vote to back it up, "The poeple aren't going to are a symbol of it, He explained. "It's a process that's rigged, Some of Trump's strongest support came from voters who were seeking a candidate who would bring needed change(Trump 68 per cent, Kasich 19 for every cent, Cruz 13 zero per cent) And those who were seeking someone who would tell it like it is(Trump 89 nought per cent, Kasich 9 proportion, Cruz 2 portion). He also won the backing of eight in 10 voters who want the next president to be externally of politics. The big apple Republican exit pollrhode island Democratic exit poll Trump taken advantage of the smaller share of the electorate who call themselves very conservative. Just 23 percent of New York Republican voters labeled as very conservative, Among the lowest percentage in the usa so far. These voters have often acknowledged Cruz. Trump is also seen as electable in december against Hillary Clinton. Fifty six percent say he has the best possibility of beating her in November, And Kasich(21 p. c) And johnson(15 for each) Anthony Rizzo Jersey. Considering ahead, New York Republican voters are more concerned or scared about a potential Cruz presidency(Six in 10 Republican voters say which is) Than frequently Trump(39 pct) Or perhaps even Kasich(47 percentage point). In contrast, By Wisconsaround, 38 percent of Republican primary voters said they'd be scared of what Trump would do if elected president, But fewer New Yorkers are frightened of such a prospect. Just about a quarter say they would frequently be scared of what Trump would do if elected president. ET Republican front runner Donald Trump will win the nyc primary, CBS News tasks. The billionaire businessman is on his way to winning almost all the 95 delegates at stake tonight. Trump is running strong in new york and the Westchester suburbs. Trump is getting widespread support across group groups, CBS News exit polling tv programs. He is successful the support of men, Girls, And can be regarded as the candidate with the best chance of beating Hillary Clinton. As he has going through this campaign, Trump is winning the support of those that want a candidate who can bring change. He wins the backing of 68 percent regarding voters, While Cruz and Kasich split all others at 15 percent each. Looking forward to November, Republican voters express more worry about Cruz being elected president than they do about Kasich or Trump. About a quarter of GOP New Yorkers are scared about a Trump obama administration but that figure was 38 percent in Wisconsin. ET San francisco Republicans are casting their ballots in the 2016 primary Tuesday, Opting for from Donald Trump Willson Contreras Jersey, Ted Cruz or donald Kasich. A big win in the Empire State could put front runner Donald Trump back motivated albeit a narrow one to eventually clinch the GOP nomination Ben Zobrist Jersey. Spot else in the state. The economy it the top issue for Republican voters in nyc, CBS News exit polling tells. While 37 percent said simple fact is that economy, Another 27 percent said terrorism is the most essential issue. Another 24 percent said national spending, And 8 percent named immigration law. CBS News spolitical election CenterNew York GOP resultsNew York Democratic resultsThere's some division on views of Wall Street among Republican voters. Economic climate, While 46 percent say the idea can help it. Bringing needed change is the campaigner quality that mattered most to Republican primary voters, With 35 amount saying so. Another 28 percent said they're primarily hunting for a candidate who shares their values, While 26 percent they primarily wants an applicant who"Tells it as it is, Eight percent said they're mostly hunting for a candidate who can win in November. As you've seen in earlier primaries, Most Republican primary voters in New York are unhappy with the way the government is working, Such as 36 percent who are angry. And most six in 10 looking for an outsider as the next president rather than someone with political experience. Polls away from state suggest Trump could score big on Tuesday: The recent CBS News Battleground Tracker shows that he wins more support in his home state of New York than his two GOP levels of competition combined: Trump has 54 percent weighed against 21 percent for Cruz and 19 percent for Kasich. New York offers a total of 95 delegates for the GOP applicants: 14 state delegates are allocated proportionally, Unless an applicant wins at least 50 percent of the vote then that candidate takes all 14. Another 81 delegates are split among the state's 27 congressional areas. If an applicant wins more than 50 percent in a district, He takes home all three your day district's delegates. If no one crosses that tolerance, The winner takes home two the particular second place finisher(If he wins a great deal more 20 percent) Delivers one. Heading into the san francisco primary, As per the CBS News estimate, Trump provides 755 delegates, Johnson has 554 and Kasich has 143. When this happens, No one is able for Kasich to win the 1,237 delegates was required to win the nomination outright, And it's probably not going Cruz will. Subsequently, They're focused largely on making certain Trump doesn't reach 1,237, Oftentimes.

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