Aerie Makes the Best Mall-Brand  Wholesale Bikini 

Aerie lingerie china Printed Boybrief (on sale for $3.99) It has taken the better part of my adulthood to find underwear that I felt comfortable with someone else seeing me in. I’m not 100 percent comfortable with my lil’ muffin top, so I’m always on the hunt for clothing that hugs my soft bits without accentuating the divot between the crest of my upper thigh and the beginning of my adorable stomach.

I’ve spent countless hours trying on scores of underthings Wholesale Bikini Wholesale Bikini that seemed to hang seamlessly on firm bodies but would get lost in my natural creases, creating the illusion that I was wearing a lace merkin.

The unexpected frontrunner? Aerie by American Eagle — yep, the same brand that brought you your seventh-grade fake sports team hoodie and ultra-wash denim is my favorite place to shop for affordable, cute undies. What’s kept me coming back to the mall for just a few more pairs is one incredible feature: a wide, soft, comfortable waistband in all the essential styles. The Thong, Cheeky, and Bikini all come equipped with a lacy waistband that doesn’t pinch natural creases; instead, it softly hugs your hips.

I’ve had many pairs of underwear for years (that’s not gross, that's economical), and the ONLY ones that haven’t completely been reduced to saggy holes are my Aeries. I don’t know what type of iron thread they put in these things, but they do not degrade. And as part of the 8-for-$27 club, it’s really easy to buy in bulk.

If there is ever a time I know there is a possibility of someone seeing me naked, these pairs are the first ones I reach for because not only do they show off my Lovely Lady Lumps, but they are comfortable as hell. Who says we can’t have it all?



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